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Web Applications

Web based software applications development in Melbourne is what Kennedy Fox is all about. Kennedy Fox, formerly known as Casbah Resources has been involved in software architecture and the successful development of systems for over 20 years. Web applications run on your internet browser, are 100% designed and developed in Melbourne and hosted in a secure data warehouse also located in Melbourne.

Development of web applications is a creative process that is a team effort and we involve our customers throughout the entire developmental process. Once we have a good understanding of the key areas of your business, we work with you analysing requirements, brainstorming ideas and website designs. We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge over the years with the design and implementation of many systems covering a wide variety of industries. We maintain web applications used by people in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane including:

Kennedy Fox also participates as a member in various teams in the development and construction of web applications hosted on other web servers. One example of this is a web application located in Sydney where we are responsible for the calculation of fees, commission, and investment income for superannuation funds and death, TPD and income protection insurance comparing the performance of personal and corporate funds Australia wide.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation of Melbourne websites is also one of our specialities. Search engine optimisation also known as SEO is the process of producing a website rich in content that improves visibility of the website on search engines. It is a steadily growing and important component of your marketing strategy as the internet continues to increase in popularity.

Kennedy Fox works closely with you planning the strategy for the search engine optimisation of your website. Search engine optimisation involves monitoring the website's progress on search engine search results plus regular updates to your website as part of the SEO strategy. This means you have the added benefit to develop the website and keep the content up to date.

Search engine optimisation also involves the implementation of specialised styles and SEO techniques that are constantly evolving.


Kennedy Fox has provided printing services in Melbourne for over 20 years producing a large range of printed materials used in marketing, sales, promotions and business processes. We constantly look for new innovative designs to compliment your business. Our exceptional graphic design skills enable us to produce printing that promotes and enhances your business potential.