Web Development of Web Applications

Web Development

Our main focus in the development of web applications is:


Mobile friendly websites mean the website has been specially designed to be easy to use on a mobile device and it passes the mobile friendly test.


A consistent look and feel ensures web applications are simple and easy to use. From a users perspective, once you know how to use one screen, you will be able to use any screen. Our screens are customised to "recall" the latest data displayed so that when a user returns to that screen, the data they previously viewed is automatically displayed.

This simple but effective style guarantees real productivity.


Simple dropdown style menus with special back and next buttons provide our web applications with powerful, easy to use navigation.

Help Facility

All our web applications feature an indexed on-line help facility with a full content search on keywords entered. Help content can be customised and added to the help facility at any time.

A further addition to our web development toolkit is PDF to text extraction which means users now have a full content search in PDF documents. In addition, our customers can produce their own PDF documents for the help facility.

HTML to PDF and Email as Attachment

Our web applications include conversion of HTML to PDF that can be emailed to someone as an attachment. Emails generated by the application can be viewed at any time.

Save As PDF Documents

Another feature in our web applications is save documents or reports from HTML to PDF that appear as a hyperlink which can then be downloaded and saved to your computer.

Multiple Printing PDF Documents

The latest feature in our help system is the ability to select multiple PDF documents and print them with one click on the print button. The help screen has been further expanded now listing PDF documents for different purposes (other than help) to provide customers with the ability to select and print multiple documents, such as product or sales brochures.

Communication with Web Applications via SOAP Protocol

Running a number of automated scheduled processes, one of our web applications uses standard SOAP protocol to communicate with a web application located on a different web server. This effectively streamlines their internal procedures taking the hard work and complexity out of it and gives them an edge over their competitors.

Document Server

Our web applications allow the upload and download of documents enabling efficient storage and organisation of documents.

Calculations and Processes

Our web applications can utilise automated processes to perform calculations of any complexity imaginable.

Multiple files upload

Our on-line shop web application has a file manager that enables the selection and upload of multiple files. This makes uploading images for the shop quick and very easy.