Search Engine Optimisation Melbourne

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) of Melbourne websites in Hampton or the Bayside area or anywhere in Melbourne is our speciality. Search engine optimisation is the process of producing a website rich in content using keywords and key phrases portraying a clean, honest perspective of your business that is viewed favourably by search engines. It's all about making your website visible on the internet. SEO is not just about seeing your website displayed when you search for your company but rather it is about identifying keywords and key phrases and seeing your website displayed when searching for a particular product or service.

Most users don't look any further than the first 2 or 3 pages of search results. SEO is therefore an important aspect of your marketing strategy to increase awareness of your business or brand in the marketplace. Furthermore, users who find your website after a search will more than likely be looking specifically for a product or service giving you a higher probability for returns on your investment. Search engine optimisation might very well be the key to your success.

SEO Objectives

Our objectives are to see your website displayed on the first page on search results, to increase web traffic to your website and encourage visitors to contact you.

Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

We require a good understanding of your business and ask questions such as:

Answers to these questions help us formulate a search engine optimisation strategy for your website.

A good website SEO strategy involves monitoring and reviewing the position of your website on search engine search results on a regular basis. We also monitor your website checking the number of visitors to the website, pages visited and keywords used to name a few things. This information is used to further improve the layout or content of the website.

Thus we implement your search engine optimisation strategy over a period of time depending on what your goals are, what we are trying to achieve.

Website Infrastructure

Content is a very important aspect of our search engine optimisation strategy. Your website needs to present your business clearly and honestly and with integrity. Branding and images are important to show your uniqueness. Navigation, pages and links between them are defined by the foundations of your business. The content and layout of information and headings form the fundamental basis for the website.

Together we will create a design suitable to achieve your search engine optimisation goals.

Keeping information on your website up to date is another objective in a good search engine optimisation strategy.

Web Applications

Search engine optimisation for web applications requires a different architecture. The front end pages of your web application may be search engine optimised to attract visitors to your website whereas the pages that run web applications do not generally require search engine optimisation. It is important to get the website architecture right at the start of the project.