Website Design

Website Design

Good website design may mean the difference between a visitor leaving your site in the first 30 seconds or staying to explore your website. Website design encompasses branding, images displayed, navigation and options, headings and content.

The basic plan for a website design includes:

Website design involves brainstorming, exploring different ideas and mapping out key areas of the website. We manage this process for you.

Website Content

Defining content to be published is a very important aspect of your website. Content should be precise, concise and meaningful. Content needs to define the key areas of your business by translating information into readable, understandable text. Content needs to entice your audience to continue reading and convey:

Search Engine Optimisation affects website design. Content must be carefully organised throughout the website to improve the focus on relevant search engine keywords or phrases. Also choice of features is important to keep scripts required to a minimum, optimising performance.

Website Design - Visual Impact

All our menus are search engine optimisation friendly. We use compact SEO friendly scripts for the display of various features including sliding images, slide shows, zoom features and picture galleries:

Web design photo gallery Web design zoom features

Graphic Design

Take advantage of our exceptional graphic design, graphic artwork and photography skills to create images for your website.

We can produce still or transparent images from scanned photographs, create animated GIFs or reproduce logos.